What is Mpact Girls Club?

Mpact Girls Club is a program for winning girls to Jesus Christ through love and acceptance.

These Girls Clubs provide an environment of support and accountability while helping girls      to develop their gifts and abilities.

Mpact Girls clubs are structured into five clubs that meet on 1st Wednesday of each month at 6:30 and the 3rd Saturday (Saturday following Night of refreshing) at 11:30am from September-May. For more information on the mission and history of Girls ministry, please visit the national website


In order to join Mpact Girls Club, you must complete the registration form (please check the children’s check in desk for a registration form). There is no cost to join Mpact Girls Club, but there is a small fee for the t-shirt, badges, and sashes and occasionally for an activity. We try to keep these costs to a minimum. Girls are encouraged to bring an offering and a canned good during each meeting to be given to a local charity.

MPACT is open to the community.  You do not have to be a member of SLCI to have your child participate in MPACT Girls.

New Member Requirements

1. Recite from memory the MPACT distinctives and club distinctives.

2. Attend three regular MPACT girls meetings.

Awards Ceremony

The MPACT Girls awards ceremony is held to honor the girls’ achievements. SLCI will hold one awards ceremony each year in May. It is at the awards ceremony that the girls receive their patches for merits earned during the previous semester. Parents, grandparents, and supporters are invited to attend and congratulate the girls for their accomplishments.



Rainbows (3 and 4 year olds)

Rainbows is a club for preschool girls and boys ages 3-5 in conjunction with Royal Rangers and Mpact Girls. Rainbows learn exciting Bible stories, do cool crafts, enjoy playing games, and coloring. We’ve found that preschoolers love earning colorful animal badges to add to their vests as they complete achievement requirements.


 Daisies: The Sonshine Club (Kindergarten)

Girls lay a foundation for godly character with lessons on everything from believing to giving, and         obeying to trusting. Darcy, Diana, and Dorie (paper dolls) help Daisies make life applications from       the  Bible stories and principles they learn. Dorie is hearing impaired, so girls get to learn memory verses in sign language. Four week units allow visitors to fit in right away. Daisies earn colorful badges depicting club characters.


 Prims: The Discovery Club (1st & 2nd Grades)

Megan, Carmen, Kim, and Tonya guide Prims through life-application stories as the girls learn              biblical   principles. Units can be completed in four weeks. A hands-on project is part of the learning     process on week 4 of every unit. Prims earn colorful badges depicting club characters as they complete requirements.


Stars: The Fun Club (3rd – 5th Grades)

Girls complete units in the four worlds: The World of Trust (basic Christian doctrine), The World       Around You (missions), The World About You (activities), and The World Within You (character  development). Memorization, projects, and Bible reading are all a part of this club. Completing the achievement program allows girls to be Honor Stars! Four week units are supplemented with projects and adventures.


All of the clubs listed above are given sashes and their club emblem after they have memorized the distinctives for their particular club. The distinctives include pledges to the American, Christian, and Mpact Girls Club flags, pledge to the Bible, their club colors, motto, scripture verse, and club pledges. All girls are given a binder that holds their unit lessons and activity pages. The binders and sashes stay here instead of going home each week. Each year these clubs have 5 units, with each unit taking four weeks. At the end of the unit, if the girl has attended at least 3 out of the 4 sessions for a particular unit, memorized the unit’s bible verse, finished her activity pages, and special project/craft she earns that unit’s badge..


Friends: The Where You Belong Club (6th – 8th Grades)

Discussion oriented lessons help girls make godly decisions about issues they face. Plus, the  incorporated Bible Reading teaches girls to search God’s Word for answers to life questions. Awards (a necklace and unit charms) are given for girls completing each unit.


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